Mobile App & Web Software Development Services

Our Services

At Swipe & Tap, we specialise in developing bespoke software solutions for our clients, ranging from Native iPhone / Android Mobile Apps to bespoke Web Software and API Development.

We are a team of passionate developers who love to innovate via new and exciting projects for our clients and enjoy the challenges new technology and ideas bring to projects.

With all projects, we question "why" this is needed and what purpose will the software serve, and how can we make the software unique and used often.

When building software for internal business use, we like to understand our client's pain points and how we can develop the bespoke software to help achieve growth and cost savings.

Mobile App Software

Are you interested in using mobile app software for your business?

Our team at Swipe & Tap can help bring your ideas to life with a bespoke mobile app for Android or iPhone / iPad.

At Swipe & Tap, we are strong believers in Native Mobile app development and have been developing mobile apps since the launch of the very first iPhone.

Over the years we have worked on a wide range of mobile applications and technologies such as

  • Ecommerce / Loyalty Apps
  • Medical Apps
  • Educational Apps
  • Bluetooth connected devices
  • Business Apps (paperwork/compliance)
  • Augmented Reality Apps
  • Location-based Apps
  • Sales Apps
  • Video Editing Apps

If you have an idea for a mobile app or need support with your existing mobile app we can certainly help.

Web Software Development

Do you have a great idea for a web software project or need help building and maintaining your SaaS project?

We have excellent experience in web software development and over the years we have helped plan and develop web software for our clients ranging from software to help small businesses work more efficiently to complex systems that integrate with mobile apps and 3rd party systems.

We have the following experience within Swipe & Tap

  • PHP / MySQL
  • Laravel Framework or Symfony Framework
  • API Development
  • VueJS / ReactJS
  • AWS Services & S3 Storage
  • Stripe / Billing Integrations
  • Multi-tenanted systems
  • Systems integrations
  • Automated Deployments

If you have an idea for a project or need support with an existing project don’t hesitate to contact us and we can discuss your requirements further.

Support & Maintenance

Does your iOS / Android mobile app or web-based software feel outdated? Or are you looking for a development company to help support and maintain your software?

Our team have lots of experience with software projects covering a large range of technologies and frameworks, not only do we develop software from scratch at Swipe & Tap we can also help support our clients with existing software development needs.

The first step to working with us to support your existing project is a code review, where our team of developers will review the code base and create a detailed report with findings and recommended improvements.

We can currently provide support and maintenance to the following software development languages:

  • iOS (Swift, Objective-C)
  • Android (Kotlin, Java)
  • Web (PHP, VueJS, HTML/CSS, Laravel & Symfony Projects)

Discovery Workshops

Do you have an excellent idea for your software product but having trouble working out the end goal?

Our Discovery Workshops help you work through the complicated challenges of software development, be it for a Mobile App or Web Software system we know that refining ideas can be challenging, and our Workshops are designed to help unlock the potential of your project and ideas.

During the Discovery Workshop, you can expect a series of group activities and questions that help refine your ideas, and our team will also help fill in any gaps in how the software product can work.