Why a tech review of your mobile app can make all the difference

Why a tech review of your mobile app can make all the difference

An over-the-shoulder shot of a man looking at code on a computer screen.

Although you may have a fully functioning app that’s working successfully and bringing in the business you need, there may be a lot more going on behind the scenes. There are questions that you need to be asking yourself regularly:

Are you sure that the customer is enjoying your app?

They might be able to get from start to finish but is the customer journey prolonged by a series of bugs? Are they going through an arduous process that could be simplified? Getting a fresh pair of eyes on the customer journey may provide an insight into how it can be a more efficient and enjoyable journey.

Does your app still look the bee's knees?

Technology is changing every day and no matter how well your app functions, it will get dated very quickly. Speaking to industry experts, you can learn about new designs and processes that can keep your app looking fresh.

Are you inundated with bugs?

You might not know it on the front end but without regular maintenance, there could be bugs seeping into your app and stopping it from being the best it can possibly be. Getting an app development agency to take a look behind the scenes will keep you up to date with what’s really going on with your app.

Do you regularly update your app?

No doubt you’re getting constant notifications to update the apps that you use every day. But do you update your own? Updates are handy to fix those bugs, freshen the design and make sure the customer is having the most enjoyable time possible.

Do I need a retainer?

If you feel like your app would benefit from monthly tech reviews, you may well need a retainer. This would allow you to make sure that your app is following your business goals with a dedicated team through regular time allocation, budgets and reports. You can read more about retainers here.

If you think that your app would benefit from a tech review get in touch by emailing hello@swipeandtap.co.uk