Savings Challenge - Lunch and Learn

For this months Lunch & Learn the team were set a challenge...

Savings Challenge - Lunch and Learn

Our web developer, Rebecca, holding up her certificate for winning our Lunch and Learn Saving's Challenge.

Each month at Swipe & Tap we have a Lunch & Learn session where one member of our team does a half an hour presentation on anything they like. In the past, we have learnt about marbling, WordPress and how to paint on glass, amongst others.

In March it was time for our Digital Project Manager, Emily, to hold a session on budgeting and finance. The intention was for everyone to learn key takeaways to encourage healthy spending habits that could last for years to come.

The main themes were: knowing what you have, spending less money, making more money and making money on your money. 

We learnt about how to work out how much money we did have with Martin Lewis’ budgeting planner. This was really useful to be realistic with ourselves about where our money goes and what we could be saving. We also learnt about ways that we could make more money such as selling items we no longer used, getting cashback bank cards and using software such as Quidco to make money on what we are spending. The most interesting part though was when we learnt to make money on what we already had by making using specific bank accounts.

To get the ball rolling, Emily introduced a savings challenge so that the team could log how much they were saving from the information learnt in the session.

Today it was announced that Rebecca won a £20 prize after making lots of savings, mainly through Quidco! 

An app push notification from Monzo, saying £20 has been sent.

If you want to learn more about budgeting and finance, you are welcome to look through the slides; who knows, you might just save yourself a bit of money or be able to pass the information on to your own team.

If you want to find out more or set a challenge for your friends or team, please find the link to the slides here.

A photo of our web developer Rebecca holding a certificate for winning the Saving's Challenge.