Rebecca Dickinson

Meet our Web Developer.

Rebecca Dickinson

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Web Developer

Time at Swipe & Tap

3 years and 9 months


Web Development

What do you enjoy most about working at Swipe & Tap?

I enjoy that we work on different types of projects and that I learn new skills with each project. I also enjoy that we all get along so well and work really well as a team.

What is your favourite mobile app at the moment?

I enjoy listening to music so Spotify is definitely one of my favourite and most used apps.


I enjoy going for walks, going to the gym, listening to music and learning new skills in web development.

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Favourite Holiday Destination

I generally enjoy going to seaside towns such as Weymouth or Cromer.

Favourite Film or Book

I generally enjoy films with comedy such as The Proposal.

Words of Wisdom

Treat others how you wish to be treated