New Client: Req-Hired

New client - Req-Hired

New Client: Req-Hired

Req-Hired is a business community trusted trades app designed to bring services quickly from any device, anywhere, anytime without involving third-party commission.

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Swipe & Tap were brought in to help fix the Req-Hired app. Unfortunately, things had gone awry with the initial developers due to a break down of faith and ability to rectify a number of problems with the existing iOS App. 

Enter Swipe & Tap jumping on the project and fixing the issues within a couple of days. We are proud to announce that we are now working with Req-Hired to plan for the future development of both their iOS App and the entire web platform.

Req-Hired App ShotsCheck their neat introduction video here.

More details on the app here via the iTunes App Store.