The Latest Apple and Google App Store Updates

The Latest Apple and Google App Store Updates

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With the ever-changing world of app development, keeping pace with the latest app store guidelines and technological advancements is crucial. Last year, Google introduced significant updates to its platform, and Apple will also be implementing some changes early this year.


Apple's Latest Xcode and iOS Requirements

By 29th April 2024, Apple is requiring that all apps be developed using the most recent version of Xcode and iOS. This mandate guarantees that applications available on the Apple Store will be fine-tuned to incorporate the latest features and enhancements, offering users a better experience.

What is Xcode and iOS?

Xcode is Apple's official integrated development environment (IDE) for creating applications across Apple platforms. It is used for coding, testing and debugging.

iOS is Apple’s mobile operating system which powers devices such as iPhone and iPads. It provides a secure and user-friendly environment for running applications developed through Xcode.

Google’s Latest Android Requirements

On the Android front, Google announced last year that all apps on the Google Play store must now be updated to Android 13 by 31st August 2023. Failure to comply could result in apps becoming invisible on the store. This change was implemented to maintain a standardised and secure app ecosystem, along with a safer and more reliable experience for users.

What is Android 13?

Android 13 is the latest release of Android, the mobile operating system developed by Google.


What do these changes mean for app owners?

For app owners it is highly recommended that apps be updated to comply with the latest tech from Apple and Google. The benefits of keeping your app updated include:

App Store Visibility: App stores prioritise apps that embrace the newest features and standards. Failure to update your app may result in reduced visibility or even removal from app stores. 

Future-Proofing: Updating your app means that making future changes will remain a smooth process. Delaying updates can complicate even the simplest of modifications as the overall code of the app would need adjustments to meet current app store requirements.

An Edge Over Competitors: App owners who keep their product updated and user-friendly gain an edge over competitors offering an outdated alternative.

An Optimised User Experience: Users expect high quality apps that provide a seamless experience. Keeping your app updated ensures user satisfaction and user retention.

Compatibility with New Devices: An updated app means compatibility with the latest devices, allowing app owners to tap into new markets and discover new user bases.


What do these changes mean for users?

Enhanced Performance: Users can expect an overall better user experience from their apps, from faster loading times to reduced crash rates.

Improved Security: These updates will contribute to the overall security and reliability of the Apple App Store and the Google Play store, making it a safer environment for users.

Access to the Latest Features: Apps developed with the latest tech will give users access to the latest enhancements and features in the apps they rely on.


What do these changes mean for us?

Top Quality Apps: Complying with the latest app store updates allows us to continue to provide our customers with high quality applications with the latest features.

Optimised Performance: Developing with the latest version of Xcode and Android helps us to optimise the performance of our apps, ensuring they run seamlessly on Apple and Android devices.

Adapting to User Needs: As the app stores evolve, we’re able to take note of emerging trends and user preferences, helping our apps to remain competitive.

Future-Ready Apps: Staying updated with Apple and Google’s latest development tools means we’re able to develop apps for future, long term use.


As the app development landscape evolves, Swipe & Tap remain dedicated to providing apps that are not only user-friendly, but also in compliance with the latest industry standards.

If you need assistance or guidance to ensure your app complies with the latest updates from Apple and Google, feel free to get in touch. Whether you are concerned with the health of your app or are unsure how to update or manage it, our team is here to help!