Companies should fully embrace mobile technology in the workplace, and here's why

Companies should fully embrace mobile technology in the workplace, and here's why

A mock-up of a client sign off form on a laptop.

Across the world, businesses are starting to realise the level of efficiency that enterprise mobility solutions have to offer.

Mobile technology has certainly changed the way people do business. Not only has it triumphed over the consumers’ side of the economy (two-thirds of the world’s population are now connected via mobile devices) but the business side is also taking notice of its potential in improving employee productivity and saving money.

According to Apperian’s 2016 Executive Enterprise Mobility Report, significant findings purport the effectiveness of custom applications for enterprises and their correlation to better employee output, with 30% of respondents saying mobile apps improve business process and increase productivity.

So how exactly do enterprise mobile apps make this happen?

First of all, people are very familiar with mobile apps. This increased understanding of how smartphones work makes it remarkably easy for employees to operate a mobile app instead of using websites and intranets for workplace interaction. Apps are more responsive, providing an enhanced user experience. Apps are also designed to be intuitive; thus they help automate numerous redundant tasks.

Apps come in different shapes and sizes. There are plenty of ways developers can create an app for just about any purpose. It could be for streamlining basic business processes that take longer and are more complicated on a desktop. Apps can make those same processes accessible on the go, eradicating the need for walking around from office to office. And that’s just a fundamental benefit of using mobile apps; they can further create new and innovative ways to perform business operations more efficiently. Pick any area of the business that needs streamlining and there’s always a mobile solution to it.

Mobile apps save money. With more processes being taken care of by using mobile apps, a business won’t be paying as much for printing,  not to mention the cost for maintaining those machines and reducing carbon footprint. Off-site employees can function anywhere, reducing the fuel costs that come with traveling back to the office in order to accomplish certain jobs.

Perhaps one of the most important selling points of mobile technology is its data efficiency. Decades ago, the dawn of computers has eliminated the manual handling of data which has significantly improved accuracy and management, but mobile apps will take that efficiency a step further by having the basic functionalities of a computer on the goApps can remove operational inefficiencies like losing forms or sloppy handwriting or producing tons of paperwork.

Enterprise mobility apps save precious time by making processes easier for employees. Instead of handing out forms, apps can provide drop down menus and check boxes to simplify everything. They can accelerate the processes of sales prospecting, of providing job quotes, of team deployment, of invoicing. People can spend the extra time saved in working on the business, such as strategising and goal-setting, rather than squandering time on administrative tasks.

On top of that, these mobile apps allow employees to maintain a connection with their colleagues, teams and organisational resources even from a remote location. This seamless connectivity is a huge factor in helping bring people of different skill sets to one platform in real-time and will facilitate a more powerful collaboration within and among teams. 

Mobile business apps have the capability to considerably advance the workplace experience, whilst fueling the productivity and task management of employees. With the help of a professional app development platform, business teams can innovate, design, and create a mobile app to conquer even the most challenging workplace problems.

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