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Current Projects - AR Demolition

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AR Demolition Ltd are an award winning demolition company who strongly value reliability, professionalism and a strong relationship with their clients. They requested that we provide a web portal and application that shows information for each demolition, which we are currently working on. We came up with a visual and informative project dashboard, both in the app and the web so that all the relevant information is displayed in one place.

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To allow AR Demolition the freedom to create their forms the way they would like online, we have created a dynamic version controlled form builder system. Site managers can then fill in these forms daily on the app, dramatically reducing the amount of paperwork. This could also come in handy to other companies who have large amounts of paperwork. There is even a way to digitally sign in and out of sites!

web project dashboard

The informative project dashboard in the web shows all the documentation for each project in one place, which can be easily accessible. This saves a lot of time as it replaces looking through a lot of paperwork to find the relevant records. 

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