A Day in the Life of: our University Work Placement

A Day in the Life of: our University Work Placement

This Summer, we have been joined by Ashima Passi, an MSc Web Applications student at the University of Leicester. We wanted to see how she has got on and what she has learnt. Find out more below.

What made you get in touch with Swipe & Tap for your work placement?

While looking for app development companies in Leicester, I came across Swipe & Tap's brilliant website. It gave me an idea of the mobile app projects they were working on, and the team and culture looked fun. I instantly wanted to be a part of their team. 

What skills have you learnt in your time at Swipe & Tap?

At Swipe & Tap, I have developed my technical skills in website development using MODx CMS and iOS development by learning Swift. In addition, by dividing my tasks to make my time more efficient, I have also developed my time management skills. 

What are the best things about working at Swipe & Tap?

The best thing about Swipe & Tap is the people that work here - they are very kind humble, and helped me fit in well.

How will your time at Swipe & Tap help you with your career?

IT is a field where everyone has to keep constantly updated with the new trends, technologies, and languages. My time at Swipe & Tap will help my career. I have developed some skills, particularly in iOS app development, which will add to my professional experience. 

What's the working environment like at Swipe & Tap?

I was very nervous on my first day of work, but the team was very welcoming. The working environment at Swipe & Tap is very relaxed; everyone keeps the mood jolly and gets along well. I love the music playlists, afternoon walks, team flunch (fun lunches) and the lunch and learn sessions. Swipe & Tap is a happy place to work. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here.

Has this experience helped you better understand working in an app development company?

This experience has helped me understand how app development companies work. It has taught me the importance of planning tasks and time management. I have also learnt the importance of customer relationships. 

For any company to grow, it is essential to maintain good relationships with its customers. At Swipe & Tap, they value their customers and deliver incredible products.