A Day in the Life of: our Student Work Placement

A Day in the Life of: our Student Work Placement

We've had a lovely work experience student with us for the past two weeks and wanted to see how she got on working at Swipe & Tap. Read more to find out about the work environment at Swipe & Tap and their experience of working here below.


Why did you want to work to gain work experience at Swipe & Tap?

I wanted a more in-depth understanding of apps. This is something that I find interesting and would like to bear in mind for my career path.


What did you get up to at Swipe & Tap?

In my first week at Swipe & Tap, I was assigned to create an app design for one of their clients. I used a program called Adobe XD which I had picked up quite quickly. I was given a specification document of all the things they would like to have on their app. From this, I designed the app and made it appropriate to their age group of GCSE students. As I am also a GCSE student so I had a good idea of what the age group might like.

In my second week, I was assigned to use another new program called WordPress which is used for websites and web designs. I was able to create my own portfolio website which I put in some information about myself e.g subjects, my hobbies/interests, skills and my experiences.


What’s the working environment like at Swipe & Tap?

The office space is nice, relaxed and everyone gets on well with each other.


What has this experience taught you about the working world?

This experience has taught me some key skills for the working world. The main two are that I’ve learnt about the importance of good relationships with your co-workers and how important it is to take time to plan your tasks.


What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to play games, like simulation styled and adventure games, sometimes some classic board games and puzzle games. I enjoy drawing with ink and biro as well as painting. Also I like to do outdoor photography of animals and scenery. I usually take my camera with me to a lot of places, so I take a lot of pictures when I’m out on a trip. 


Is the experience what you thought it would be? 

In some ways it was, but I wasn’t expecting to be treated to a round of crazy golf and lunch out with my colleagues!