Profit Predictor - Predicting profit has never been easier

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Looking for a quick way to set your business goals? Developed with Charnwood Accountants, the Profit Predictor app is a simple, easy-to-use tool designed for business owners to set turnover targets and move their business forward to deliver their required takeout.

The Profit Predictor app will work back from your desired takeout, accounting for the current business costs and gross profit margin to establish the required business turnover. Plus, it will inform you of your estimated Corporation Tax to put aside if you hit your target.

The Brief

Charnwood Accountants are based in Leicestershire, and regularly run calculations using an Excel spreadsheet to review and predict business revenue.

Wanting a fresh and modern approach to helping their clients with their finances, Charnwood sought a mobile app that they could not only use themselves but which could be offered freely to any business in need of such a useful tool.

Results and Benefits

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We were super excited with the app idea and were keen to try and make the app very simple to use and for it to stand out from the crowd.

One of our goals was to try and make the information in the app very visual and I think we certainly achieved this with this beautiful interface and charts.

The Profit Predictor mobile app was born and from a boring Excel spreadsheet, a beautiful mobile app was created. Users can easily glance on the home screen to check their revenue targets, edit details and view charts to help them reach their financial goals.

Clients who have tried the new app have found it simple to use and are already using it as a tool to check their business revenue.

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