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The Let Go app provides powerful yet gentle tools for change through guided visualisation and self-hypnosis. Each track is designed to help you ‘let go’ of your stress and to enable you to tackle various issues in your life.

All of the Let Go tracks are original and written by Ann Finnemore, a highly experienced and qualified hypnotherapist. Each track is available in a male and female voice, so you can choose which you prefer (both narrators are qualified hypnotherapists). The tone of voice and narration style will guide you gently to a place of calmness and safety where changes can be made easily and naturally.

The Brief

Getting You There business owners Ann and  Steve contacted us to help commission a bespoke mobile app for their business to help them stand out above the competition.

After exploring some ideas, we decided to build a mobile application that would allow their customers and anyone on the app store to listen to tracks. One unique feature we would add was the ability to select between male and female voices.

Results and Benefits

Let Go | Digital Wellbeing App | iOS App | Swipe & Tap screenshot

With all the apps we make at Swipe & Tap, we aim to make them simple to use and to stand out from the crowd, and we think we certainly did that with “Let Go.” We designed and developed a beautiful app that allows users to browse available tracks and filter between Male and female tracks. We are sure this will be a huge hit with Getting You There customers and potential new customers on the app store.

One key requirement for the app was to enable Ann and Steve to update the content easily, so we also developed an admin portal for them to upload new tracks and instantly make them available for the mobile app.

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