Kirby Pro-Seal Mobile App


Paperwork giving you a headache? Need an easier way to manage your jobs and employees? Kirby Pro-Seal's mobile app and web admin portal enables their business to do just that! 

The Situation


Kirby Pro Seal is a sealant company who provide a first-class working service to all their clients. They had a paper-based system where there were many issues, such as duplicated tickets and hard-to-read/incorrectly filled out documents which caused problems when billing clients for work. 

They came to us looking for a way to streamline their admin processes and reduce the amount of paperwork needed in the office.


The Solution


Kirby Pro Seal has a CRM system, which we decided to base the app and web portal around. Both the mobile app and the web portal can retrieve data from the existing CRM system. The aim was to make both the web and the app easy to use.

In the app, we decided that data could be stored offline on the app and synced on a cloud server when there is an internet connection. The app also allows installers to view and update details of all their jobs and add notes and upload image evidence to them. 

The web admin system would be mainly focused on the employees, such as managing their roles. All job details are also viewable in the web portal which was developed in Laravel, with search/filtering options available to view each job in more detail.



The Outcome

The system we have created has enabled Kirby Pro-Seal to move away from paper-based systems and issuing paper job tickets to their applicators every day. Installers can now easily see which jobs they have for the day on their tablets with a detailed information list, even down to which coloured sealants they need for the day.

The app immediately sends the progress of the job to the web portal, where office staff can see this progress in real-time with a detailed breakdown of each job. If there are any changes to the job on their CRM, this can easily be updated on the web portal and their app in the click of a button. 

The system has also greatly improved the cash flow in the business; customers can sign off jobs on the app which reduces the time it takes to invoice them. Detailed pdf reports are also sent to the customer so they can see a breakdown of the work completed. An accounts report is also generated and sent to the accounts team which reduces the time in which it takes to calculate the invoice.