The Situation

CHALLENGING ARTISTIC BOUNDARIES Arts are an arts company based in Loughborough that run an online shop selling graphic prints. Some of these graphics also work with Augmented Reality (AR). approached us looking to create a new iOS and Android app for users to be able to access the AR videos associated with their graphics from their phone. They also needed a way to manage their images and the AR Videos that came up when the image was detected.


The Solution


We created the AR detection using ArCore (Android) and ARKit (iOS). The idea was that the image was hovered over and a video overlay would play over the image. We also made an area where we could easily view the information for that particular AR Marker. 

We also created an online admin portal where the content that was showing in the App could be managed. In the portal, projects were able to be created and AR Markers could be managed effectively. This meant that the images detected needed to be uploaded and that the information linked to the marker, such as the description and location, needed to be updated. The AR videos needed to quickly be uploaded and converted to the correct streaming format so the AR video loads quickly when the marker image is detected.


The Outcome

The app has been a success in several ways. The app has had hundreds of downloads on the app store. has also had a successful ARCity campaign in Leicester and the project has made the local news in Loughborough. The app is part of an ongoing collaboration between Swipe & Tap and