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Fire Risk Assessments don’t need to be complicated. With this iPad Mobile App, we simplified the whole process which delighted our client.

The Brief

Play It Safe Limited wanted to change a paper-based system to digital to make it easier to input and manage risk assessments.

Traditionally, Fire Risk Assessors would visit a site with around 20 printed pages. They would fill out over 120 fire risk assessments for the site. The assessor would also carry a digital camera and take photos of potential fire hazards. Data was saved manually and emailed to someone in the office. The info would then be retyped as a formal PDF document of the audit (20 pages) and photos would need to be processed.

This system was labour intensive with room for error and data loss.

Results and Benefits

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We created an iPad app to streamline the entire audit process. All questions are shown on the device grouped by area and section with a progress indicator running throughout.

We also added the ability for the assessors to take a photo using the app and log potential fire hazards. Once the audit is complete, the iPad app produces the formal PDF and attaches the hazards and photos automatically to create a legally binding fire report.

The customer was highly satisfied with the end result. This app has not only saved their clients a lot of time but the risk of data loss or missing photos has now been removed.

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