AR Demolition Mobile App


Gone are the days where each project comes with a large folder of paperwork! This web and iPad application introduce a fast and effective form builder system where forms can be filled out digitally.

The Situation


AR Demolition is an award-winning demolition company who pride themselves on a professional service and a strong rapport with their clients. For each demolition project, there are over 50 forms/documents that are required to be filled out. This is currently a paper-based system and the forms are stored in a large ring binder folder, which is the only place that the data is stored. This folder can easily be lost or stolen which means a loss of an entire project's documents. 

There is a great risk for error, both through filling the forms or not following the correct procedures. Communication is also an issue, where the admins often do not receive the correct information for several days from the site manager due to them needing to see the site folder. 

Michael Henderson, Director of Health, Safety & Environment approached us and requested that we streamline this process and make all information accessible for the admins, reduce the room for error when filling out the forms and improve efficiency in communication between all members of the company. 

The Solution


Due to a large number of forms, we decided that it would be difficult to integrate all of them into the web statically. To counteract this, we felt that a dynamic form builder was the best way to go about this. This is because it would give the admin team the freedom to create their own forms. Site managers will then fill in these forms daily on the app, dramatically reducing the amount of paperwork needed and this would sync back to the web portal so the admins can receive the information in real-time. These forms can also be updated and a new version will be released easily to site managers. The app will only show the most up-to-date published version of the form.  

The informative project dashboard in the web will show the documentation for each project in one place, which can be easily accessible by the admin. This would then save a lot of time as it replaces looking through a lot of paperwork to find the relevant records. Documents will also be uploaded for each project. These will be downloadable from the document library in the web and displayed in the app. 

The Outcome


As a direct result of moving to a paperless system, x amount of time has been saved in completing these forms. 

Employees have also commented on how much better communication is between the admin and the site managers. 


Following on from this project, we were inspired to build a form builder system of our own. We felt strongly that other companies can benefit from a system like this as it can vastly cut down on the amount of paperwork that is required on a day-to-day basis. We’re full of ideas for how this project will develop.