Alert-iT Pulse Companion

The Situation


Alert-iT specialise in assistive care technology. They provide devices, in the form of monitors and alarms, to aid the care of people with conditions such as epilepsy. Their latest product is the Pulse Companion: a device that connects to an armband and keeps track of the user’s heart rate. This device calls an alarm if the heart rate reaches danger levels, allowing care and assistance to be given. 

They approached us looking for an app that would connect to the Pulse Companion and help customers easily check the readings from their armband, as well as update settings such as minimum and maximum heart rate limits.

The Solution


The company already had a production app in the works - this app’s purpose is for manufacturers to test the Pulse Companion devices to ensure they work to the highest standard. We discovered, however, that this app was written in a different language that could not be easily converted into Java code; this meant we had to rewrite all Bluetooth connectivity code from scratch, only using the production code for reference. 


The Outcome

The app connects directly to the Pulse Companion via Bluetooth and gets real-time readings of the user’s heart rate. The app scans for Bluetooth devices and allows the user to connect their phone to a Pulse Companion. From here there are many settings that can be configured, such as altering the maximum and minimum heart rate limits - these are used to set off an alarm if the user’s heart rate falls within the specified danger zones. 

Due to the nature of the app, there could be no errors or bugs: taking this into consideration, the app has undergone rigorous testing from the very beginning, to ensure a fully reliable and safe service for every user.