James Bates

Meet our new UI/UX Designer, James

James Bates


UX/UI Designer

Time at Swipe & Tap

Started August this year.


Bit of everything - but love creating entire brand identities and any opportunity to work closely with a client to achieve the perfect product.

What do you enjoy most about working at Swipe & Tap?

The huge amount of freedom and support (which does wonders for creativity) and everyone here is great to talk to.

What is your favourite mobile app at the moment?

I’m a sucker for anything synth-based whether it’s virtual synths or controllers. I’ll always love Instagram as well. Unless their ads get out of control.


Cooking, collecting/searching for weird techno & house music, skateboarding, Dark Souls (PS), ancient history, type design, teaching my daughter to be a rebel.

4 songs

Favourite Holiday Destination

Tricky, but either San Francisco or Barca.

Favourite Film or Book

Donna Tartt - The Secret History

Words of Wisdom

Keep going forward and listen to your instinct.