Duncan Lowrie

Meet our Senior iOS Developer.

Duncan Lowrie

Duncan Lowrie Photo


Senior iOS Developer

Time at Swipe & Tap

2 Months


Mobile app development for iPhone and iPad.

What do you enjoy most about working at Swipe & Tap?

I love how well everyone gets on with each other, and how we feel like a team, despite all working remotely at the moment. I can’t wait until the pandemic restrictions have lifted and we can all meet in person!

What is your favourite mobile app at the moment?

I’m an app called “FS Map Tool” quite a lot at the moment. It’s a little app which shows me where in the world I am when I’m playing Flight Simulator 2020 (which I’m a bit obsessed with right now!)


Reading sci-fi / fantasy Ten pin bowling. Can’t wait to get back on the lanes when the pandemic ends. Video games Board games Coding Hill walking Wood work & DIY Guitar (playing and making)

4 songs

Favourite Holiday Destination

Malta. Went a couple of years ago, and I think it’s the first time I’ve ever felt that I wasn’t ready to go back home!

Favourite Film or Book

Book(s): The Three Body Problem trilogy, by Liu Cixin.

Words of Wisdom

Keep making new mistakes.